August 16, 2018


Valle Gran Rey is set in one of the most impressive canyons of the southwest coast of La Gomera island, which descends to the sea opening this magnificent valley. Here, the people of Valle Gran Rey, during centuries, sculpted countless wall-terraces to cultivate on steep mountains that gave them shelter. Today, the spectacular and unique beauty of the landscape, ordained inch by inch by the man for his subsistence and in perfect balance with nature, overwhelms those who first visit the town and look down from the top of the valley. At the end of the valley we find the sea: a small fishing port and black volcanic-sand beaches, protected from the wind by the vertical heights of the arrogant mountains Teguerguenche (668m) and La Merica (857m).   To get to our resort from the Tenerife South Airport we recommend the Gomera Bus Transfer Mesa, which reduces and facilitates the cost of the trip. More information at:

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